Sanlam Money MeetUps

Hi there,
Sanlam Money MeetUps, which aims to change people’s perceptions of financial planners, has just launched.

This series about life and money, will run throughout the year and what’s more you can still be a part of this exciting campaign.  

There are many Sanlam Money MeetUps episodes to come, so if you’ve already submitted your video entry, hang tight because you may be next.
If you haven’t submitted your video yet, now is the time. Just record a short video telling us a bit about yourself, your expertise and your interests outside of the office. Then, add “Sanlam Money MeetUps” on WhatsApp (064 906 3212) and send us your clip.

You can still sign up to feature on the Money MeetUps platform, where you can build your online profile and extend your client list. Don’t miss out on this one – go to to sign up.

Ready to take a look? Visit to view the campaign.